Thursday, 3 December 2009

Not Quite Prefab Sprout - part 2

A few years ago there was a lot of press about bands from Canada focusing on Arcade Fire and to a lesser extent bands like Broken Social Scene. However, i bought a cd "Set Yourself on Fire" by the band Stars again based on Prefab Sprout comparison. In fairness the review said that they were a cross between Prefab Sprout, New Order and St Etienne. It could have been horrible, it wasn't. From the opening track you could see the comparisons, the boy / girl vocals the clever lyrics and the melodies that are never predictable. As the lp went on some of the tracks had a more synth based backing. I then found out out that in fact this was their 2nd lp so i bought the first which was just as good. 2007 saw their last release "In our Bedroom after the War". On one hand this is a more consistent set of songs but on the other nothing is quite as good as the 2 tracks I've posted from the first 2 lps

Heart from Heart

Your Ex Lover is Dead from Set Yourself on Fire (if you only listen to one then this should be the one)

Personal from In Our Bedrooms after the war

Here is where you can buy

Set Yourself on Fire ( I think this must be a re-release as the cover and track order is different to my version)

If you've nothing left to burn you have to set yourself on fire


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