Saturday, 12 December 2009

Singular sounds F - The Fixx

One of the traumas of growing up in the fens was listening to local radio which at the time was called Hereward radio. It was full of DLT wannabes (as if the original wasn't bad enough) and Alan partridge soundalikes. It was so bad one of our annual school reviews spent the entire show taking the piss via being about a local radio Ethlered Radio. (Apols I came over all kids from fame for a moment)

But having said all that they did in 1982/3 have something called the futurist chart, which was basically a chart from local shop Andy's records of i think anything with a synth on. It used to be on for an hour thurs 9 - 10 and I'd sit and listen with finger poised over the record/play buttons of my radio cassette.

One track that came on was The Fixx "Red Skies". This was the days when all I could really afford were singles which might explain why I have this fine red vinyl single but nothing else. They became one of that strange breed of British bands who were successful in America but unheard of here.

I eventually tracked down an MP3 version from a blog (apols I cant remember which one but thankyou whoever you were) thus it is the only thing I have by them. (They just beat Fountains of Wayne and Fred Neil)

It has dated a bit but still has some great "wooohhh woooohhhs"

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