Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Bigger than the Beatles - The Bodines

Formed in 1985 this band released 3 classic singles on Creation in 1986 got signed to a major and released their debut Edwyn Collin's produced debut lp in 1987, split up reform in 1989, split again until a release from nowhere in 1997 and then nothing.

Such a Shame - of all the bands to appear on the NME's C86 tape, this was the one that I thought would go the distance. "Therese" was a classic bit of Orange Juice inspired indie pop, it sparkled.

If anything , like the House of Love who came after them they suffered from the impossibly high expectations that the indie press had of them. "Played" when it came out was slated and tanked.

I loved it, the guitars jangle the lyrics were angsty, the songs zipped along and in "Skankin Queens" they had one of the catchiest songs of the year. They also like the Wedding Present had a song called "William Shatner". They should have been massive, or at least lasted more then one lp and a couple of eps that were 8 years apart.

I've posted 2 tracks

The first is the previously mentioned "William Shatner" which is pretty representative of their sound and the second, "Heard it All" is simply beautiful in a jangle out of tune love lorn vocal way. This was their swansong for Creation and is one of those lost classics

William Shatner - Bodines

Heard it All - Bodines

"And when you think she's lonely you phone just to make sure"

As for getting a copy of "Played" for a half decent price , well all I can say is good luck

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