Saturday, 9 January 2010

Bigger Than The Beatles - The Indian Givers

They may only released one lp and two singles in 1989 all of which were roundly ignored but the Indian Givers should have been massive. I bought their debut lp after seeing them supporting Danny Wilson (It was a good fit as like danny wilson , the lp was full of beautifully crafted pop songs)
Apart from being a scottish based three piece,I don't know much about them and doing a search on google didn't exactly throw up a lot more. A few bloggers obviously like the lp and have posted tracks and there is the obligatory link to Amazon. All was looking a bit lost until I stumbled upon this site.
It gives a bit more info but not a lot, Nigel Sleaford the singer and main songwriter seems to have recorded a couple of unreleased lps and guested on some local bands' releases but details are sketchy to say the least.

The sound is a bit polished 80s but the tunes are slightly left of centre. The first of the three tracks posted is the one that has dated the least well but is catchy as hell.
The second "Unthinking You" is their best song and the lost love theme fitted perfectly for me when a very short lived girlfriend waved goodbye (can't beat a bit of wallowing in self pity)
The third song I think shows the Danny Wilson comparison as it would have fitted in perfectly well on their debut

Hatchet Girl - Indian Givers

Unthinking You - Indian Givers

"life’s like that / when you think you’ve got it cracked / tables will turn / fingers get burned / no more holidays"

Love is a Lie - Indian Givers

As ever it is the usual stories with bigger than the beatles series , HMV dont have the lp and Amazon only have 2nd hand copies here

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