Tuesday, 12 January 2010

life of live - Edwyn Collins

If you wanted to see a concert in Leeds then it tended to be one of two extremes On one hand there was the poly and the uni who both had big halls and then on the other it was a small stage in the Duchess of York pub. However in the middle was a club called the Warehouse. This was best known for being the place where lots of synth bands played in the early 80s, or the fact that Marc Almond worked there for a time manning the cloakroom. It was still mainly a club with some great indie nights but every now and then it would put on a concert.

The first time i went was to see Edwyn Collins. I was a massive Orange Juice fan but as they never ventured into the fens (few did) I never saw them live. Edwyn was promoting his debut lp "Hope and Despair" . The concert was the usual winning mix of fantastic tunes, really funny between song banter and slightly off tune vocals and slightly shambolic guitar playing ie he was as excellent as ever.

I've posted the lead off single which sounded a bit different to the rest of the lp and was more a pointer to the later Dr Syntax lp. It is still one of my favourite songs of his

"what is your star sign?

you've got to be kidding"

Support came from Irish band A house whose latest lp Edwyn had produced. I've posted a song from their No More Apologies lp and as with a lot of their songs a pretty tune often hid quite a bitter lyric

Coffee Table Song - Edwyn Collins

Clothes Horse - A House

I should add just prior to this concert I let myself be persuaded to go and see the Ramones who I've never really liked. I went with 2 school friends, we ended drinking much to much before we went out , then sat at the back of the venue saying how the support band sounded like a Ramones rip off. I stood up to go to the bar again to see one of the "support" band holding a sign saying "Gabba Gabba Hey" and heard a "Thanks and Good night", the lights then came up and everyone started heading home. John and Zac were much more disappointed than I was!

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