Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Little bit on the side - Jack Frost

JC at Vinyl Villian has started a new series of posts on David Gedge's (Wedding Present) "other" band Cinerama. This has got me thinking of other side projects. One of the best is little heard of band Jack Frost. They were Grant Mclennan of the Gobetweens and Steve Kilbey of the Church. They released 2 lps , the first "Jack Frost" in 1990 and the second "Snow Job" in 1996. The sound is closer to haziness of the Church rather than the crisp jangles of the Gobetweens but the fact that the songwriting is so strong most of the tracks are just as good if not better than some of their individual solo output. The first lp is especially strong , things got a little patchier on Snow Job, so it is from that first lp that I've posted 4 tracks

The word pretty is the only thing I can think of to describe this simple folk song that sounds like it could fit on Grant Mclennan's Horsebreaker solo cd

"and all you do is carry on"

Says it all in the title, a song of regret and longing played over a simple guitar loop which gradually builds and builds only the die back down just as you are expecting the big ending crescendo

I know you'll never remember and its better that way

Let this wine take your memory of everything before today

Similar in style to Steve Kilbey's Ramble above. This time it is Grant Mclennan doing one of those songs of regret that suited his voice so well

It was over before we knew it

Gone from both our minds

If you get the inclination

Think of me sometime

All I have

All I need

All you've got

Is providence

A harder song of bitterness and loss, almost the kind of thing you'd expect from Robert Forster

Well I saw you at the opening

Somebody's hand was up your dress

You were showing off everything

Except your finesse

Thought that I , Thought that I was over you

As ever difficult to find although Amazon have some second hand copies here

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