Monday, 18 January 2010

Miracle Mile Monday part 21

Part 21 and on the Miracle Mile's 5th lp "Glow" released in 2005.

As with the other lps , memories feature strongly, in the words of Trevor Jones

"Whether half remembered or best forgotten, memories are filtered to bathe the past in a nostalgic half light, or to simply soften the blows......... the haze of childhood that can never be reclaimed. is where we all start and end"

I don't know whether it is getting older, having kids of my own but these words strike a deep chord.

The lp came with the usual booklet but also a "making of" diary from Trevor and Marcus which gives a great insight on the writing and recording process and well as rubbing a cloth over a window into some of the songs.

The first track posted is "Paper Planes and Ponytails" which according to Trevor's diary entry

"The golden haze of childhood haunts us all. i try to focus on mine but can't ...sometimes it seems like i was hardly there at all. Again the reason that I write; as an attempt to mine, define and reclaim those formative years"

The whole song is lifted by a gorgeous bit of flugle horn playing.

Paper Planes and Ponytails - Miracle Mile

You can buy Glow at the band's website here

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