Monday, 25 January 2010

Miracle mile monday - part 22

The second track from "Glow" is "What Katie did Next" which again has some great brass (giving it a late 60s radio 2 feel - and I mean that as a compliment strange as it sounds) and one of the band's best choruses. In the diary Trevor writes :

"I like the idea of writing quickly; shortening the time between the thought, the notion and then writing of it. The hope is to make it honest and direct. The danger is that it might come out sloppy or half arsed"
Sloppy and half arsed is not something I think you could ever accuse these songs as being


  1. Glow is my favourite album of all time.A truly great collection of songs, and this is one of my favourite tracks.Very 'Burt Bacharach'!
    Tel Aviv

  2. hi Phil i agree although i think Limbo just edges it

  3. Phil, 'favourite all time record' is a real compliment.
    Marcus and I started work on a new album on Thursday.
    Let's hope that it competes with 'Glow' for your affections...
    It's nice to hear that the late stuff (Glow/Limbo) work for you two; there are folk who line up to tell you that you're not as good as you used to be...

  4. Thanks for the comment Trev - great to know a new lp is on the way


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