Thursday, 28 January 2010

My indie past - The Hit Parade

The Hit Parade are a proper indie band! Three friends who all have other jobs but have been making music together for 20 years , were at one time on Sarah Records (home of all things twee), play jangly guitars , have lovelorn lyrics, slightly off key vocals and they even have a cult following in Japan.

Having got their first 2 lps I used to trawl the internet for more info but with a name like "the Hit Parade" and lps with titles like "With Love from the Hit Parade" and "More Pop songs" there was never much for Google to go on and you would end up searching through 1000s of unrelated entries.

After a break of over 10 years there was a flurry of action , a new website appeared and a new lp, called as it only could be called "The Return of the Hit Parade". The sounds remained the same although the songs were broader in lyrical range. The first 2 lps seemed to entirely focus on the on off relationship the singer had with the girl of his dreams.

I've posted a song by them before and you can find that here

For this post there are 3 tracks , two from the 1st lp (which should have just been titled "I want my ex Girlfriend Back") the first of these " See you in Havana" with guest vocals by queen of indie Cath Carroll and the third from their most recent.

"The things that I love
The reasons I cry"

Ode to a Footballer's Wife

The lps are difficult to track down, not helped by the fact that a number seemed to be overseas releases only. even the band's website has them listed as sold out The latest lp "The Return of the Hit Parade" can be found here

Their website is pretty basic to say the least but it does have details of all their releases and can be found here

If anyone has links to the lps "The Sound of the Hit Parade" or "Light Music" then please let me know


  1. Somewhere in my garage I have got 3 singles by the hit parade , but i fear my old cat may have shreded the sleeves she had a thing for 7'' and 12'' sleeves . Anyway I used to love ' Sue ' which maybe was a b side .

    their sound used to remind me a lot of the marine girls , or grab the haddock . how cool that they are still around .

  2. I know what you mean there is something uplifting about the fact that they are still going

  3. What an amazing band! One of my favourite. I think you've already managed to find The Sound of the Hit Parade since then. If not, I may can give you the link. But what about Light Music?

    Tinsel Heart

  4. Hi Tinsel

    thanks for the comment - dropped you a line - still not got the sound of but managed to track down light music

  5. Unbelievable that you've tracked down Light Music! Is it possible that you might put it up here someday or upload it somewhere? With a title like this I can't find it. As for The Sound Of you can find it on the For Ex-Lovers Only blog at Not sure if it's got the artwork scans there, so if you wish I may scan my own copy of the album. I've got the japanese edition of The Sound of.


  6. Hi Tinsel

    apols only just picked up your comment - I'll send you a link

  7. Hi Tinsel

    as promised link is here

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  9. Gracias, mil gracias por compartir Light Music, saludos


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