Friday, 29 January 2010

Singular Sounds L - Lanterns

A lot of the Scottish bands i like have this love affair with the USA and bands like Steely Dan. Nowadays lots of the best bands sing in their natural accent rather than something born in the mid atlantic. It seems ridiculous now the press that the Proclaimers got just for singing as they talk. I don't think there is much wrong with either approach after all people have been singing in false accents as far back as Elvis, but somehow I don't think bands such s Belle and Sebastian or Wake the president or Butcher Boy would be half as good if they sang as if they came from Santa Barbara

The Lanterns I can only describe based purely on this track as it is the only one I have as a Scottish Saint Etienne

I don't know much about the band beyond the fact that they were a trio and released one lp Luminate yer Head which you can find here .

Confusingly on one website they are described as an artistic project rather than a band (which all sounds a tad pompous)

This is one of those great pop singles that got away and apart from the initial "ravey" synth sound has dated really well and is as freash as when I first heard it

"There's gotta be more"

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