Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Spoken Word - part 1 short stories

Part one of this week's mini theme of spoken word songs and for day 1 I've gone for the short story approach

Billy Bragg hasn't got the easiest speaking voice to listen to but somehow it fits perfectly this story of a doomed relationship. It was about this time that Billy Bragg was in rich vein of form in the love gone wrong song stakes and this is chock full of great lines.

"and then one day it happened , she cut her hair and I stopped loving her"

Walk Away Renee (version) - Billy Bragg

The second example comes form Grant McLennan of the Gobetweens and Steve Kilbey of the Church and their side project Jack Frost. Memories from childhood

"It is funny how someone you've never met manages to stay with you"

Trapeze Boy - Jack Frost


  1. You've got me at it now David.
    There's a Jackie Leven song: Working Alone/A Blessing (from 'Forbidden Songs) of which the great man says:

    'Working alone in the evening sun a man and two horses come' - When I was a boy in the Kingdom of Fife, there were three trees on the slope of the hillabove our glen. They were called the ploughman and two horses. The west wind had bent them over to the east, and in the evenings I would sit and watch the trees as if they were friends of mine forever. - Jackie Leven

    The song ends and a spoken piece begins in celebration of those horses. I can't get through it without developing a lump in my throat and doing that cough that all men do during the weepy bits in Toy Story 3; the sort of sound that you remember making daily when your voice first broke; very embarrassing to be caught in public...

  2. Hi Trev

    I'll try and find that track on spotify
    for some reason there are certain songs that bring a tear to my eye - Tank Park Salute by Billy Bragg does it everytime (about the death od his father) I usually rely on the sing along loudly technique ... althoughthis only really works in he car and the children don't like it

  3. http://grooveshark.com/s/On+Coming+From+A+Broken+Home+/3pY0v2?src=5

    Would bring a tear to a glass eye

    (Thanks for The Bragg song, was trying to get the name, Google brought me here)

  4. hi Paschal only just picked up your comment

    thanks for the link and hope you've come back for more visits


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