Thursday, 7 January 2010

Strange Covers - Everything but the Girl

A while back I posted something about Everything but the Girl which included a track from an lp they called Acoustic. It was a bit of a mixture with some live tracks some acoustic versions of singles and some covers (mainly from the ep of Love is Strange) . I've posted three of the covers all great songs in their own right but in these stripped down versions, Tracey Thorn's voice sounds like they were written just for her.

The band were no strangers to covers , their first release was a version of "Night and Day", but i still think it is slightly sad that for such great songwriters their most successful singles were a Rod Stewart cover and a dance remix of one of their more ordinary songs "Missing"

Tougher than the rest - originally Bruce Springsteen

Time after Time - originally Cyndi Lauper

Alison - originally Elvis Costello

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