Saturday, 2 January 2010

Why I love Country Music part 8 - Everything But the Girl

In 1986, Everything but the Girl returned with a new single and lp. Gone were the jingle jangle songs of Love not Money and Tracey Thorn with big hair and Ben Watt in a big coat. In their place were a new haircut for Tracey Thorn (preceding Swing Out Sister by a few years) a suit for Ben Watt as well as a stab at a big budget country flavoured sound. I Remember the single "Come Home" got a lot of press at the time, got slated on "Round Table" and hardly troubled the counters at Gallup.

The lp "Baby the Stars Shine Bright" is a bit uneven and in places Mike Hedge's production sounds a bit tinny whereas it feels like they were after a big dramatic sound. However it does contain some great songs and Tracey Thorn's voice really suites that country pop sound.

I've posted 2 of the more obvious country tinged songs "Don't Let the Teardrops Rust your Shining Heart" and "A Country Mile". I've also posted 2 versions of the lead single, the first from the album and the second from a lp they released called "Acoustic"(does what it says on the tin) which shows just what a great song it is and cant help making me wish that Ben Watt hadn't discovered dance music and Tracey Thorn had never met Massive Attack

Come Home - Everything but The Girl

Come home (acoustic) - Everything But the Girl

Don't Let the Teardrops - Everything But the Girl

Country Mile - Everything But the Girl

Everyday's like Christmas day without you

It's cold and theres nothing to do

You can buy Baby the Stars here


  1. I think tracey's new record by the sounds of it sounds less dance based . myself I do like a bit of both , a bit of the dance and a bit of the
    older marine girls sound . Tracey has such a lovely voice , oddly i was thinking just today that she could record for many years to come . not that i'm a fan or anything . happy new year to you .

  2. I am truly a EBTG-head and have never really had anything negative to say about them or the direction of their music. Baby The Stars Shine Bright is a rare album where country meets orchestral pop and indie sensibility. There is an underlying 60's feel and even the subject matter of Marilyn and Jackie Kennedy and the use of 60's country and western sound as the album's muse. I look forward to Tracey's new album as it will be more intimate and less electronic from what I have read on here twitter and facebook pages...also her commentary on The X-Factor was priceless recently.

  3. A great album from one of my favourite bands.
    Although, like many,I prefer the pre dance EBTG, we surely can't begrudge them their great pay day,that was ofcourse Todd Terrys re-working of the gorgeous'Missing'.That one track probably made them more than their whole back catalogue!
    If you're missing them Swan Dive might help ,in particular their album 'William and Marlys'
    Tel Aviv

  4. Cheers for the comments - i do like the dance stuff especially the walking wounded, but i do prefer their earlier stuff. I love TT solo lp I thought it got the mix just right. I'm really pleased there is another lp in the pipeline


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