Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Cathedrals of Sound - What's it all about?

Having passed the 160 posts which is about 150 more than I thought I'd manage. I thought I'd take a pause for breath.

To try and make inspiration easier to come by I've kept to a few on running themes. Some of these have had the legs and some have started with good intentions but became a bit more sporadic as the ideas dried up. I did think that people who have stumbled across the blog recently might not have a clue as to the point of some of the posts so I thought it might be time for a bit of a recap (not helped by the fact that it is a bit hap hazard in how I label stuff)

So here it is

Miracle Mile Monday - does what it says on the tin , every Monday I post a track from the band The Miracle Mile,. This is just because I think their music is good enough for more people to hear (scrap that it is far too good for more people not to hear it) and hopefully go out an buy. I post 4 tracks from each album and am about to hit the home straight and already panicking that I need to think of a new Monday theme

Bigger than the Beatles - these are about bands that should have been massive but because of bad luck , cruel twists of fates or maybe because I'm deluded they were never as successful as they should have been

God Like Genius - Posts about individuals that in terms of music are just pure genius. I might not like everything they've done, they may be eccentrically inconsistent in terms of output and quality but more often than not they stand way above most other stuff that is around

Life of Live - A walk through my life of gigs with a post about every concert I've been to

Cult of the b Side - some band's b sides are better than a lot of other band's a sides

Strange Covers - cover versions as cover versions should be in that they offer something a bit different to the original

A year in Books - a mini review of every book I read during the year. Early rule of less than 100 words has slipped a bit recently, but hey rules are made to be bent a little.

Why I Love Country Music - although I don't own much if any pure country music a lot of bands I like have produced tracks with a bit of a country flavour

Never better than the first time - one of those that has run out of steam a bit , posts about bands who somehow never quite catch the magic of their debut lp again

My Indie Past - reading some great blogs has got me to rediscover my love for old 80s/90s indie bands, some disappeared after a few releases , some persevered and some underwent a metamorphosis and struck gold.

Singular Sounds - Having put all my records on my pc the anal male in me got interested in why for some artists I only had one track , so this is a walk through the alphabet with one such band for each letter

Say Something - I'm a bit too obsessed with lyrics for my own good, these are posts of songs with great words


And then more often than not i just post a track I like. I normally keep tracks posted for 2/3 months but I'm a bit disorganised in taking them down so you may be lucky with older posts.

Anyway if you are new to the blog then I hope that makes sense and if you have been around a while then apologies for the recap. Whoeveer uoi are I hope you like what you read and please feel free to leave commenst (it makes my day honestly especially if you recommend something to listen to /read) either agreeing or pointing out I'm talking out my arse (in a nice way)

Any suggestions for themes more than welcome!


  1. 'Under My Skin'
    How about a section that highlights heavenly highs and lows, divine 'moments' of happiness and sadness (maybe from the same artist) in music.
    I remember reading Elvis Costello talking about a line in Sinatra's 'I've Got You Under My Skin' that he reckoned was the high point of all pop singing (the second time he sings "don't you know little fool..."), it certainly made me reach for the record and listen again.
    A heavenly Sinatra 'low' would have to be when he bends the word 'easy' in "Wont you make the music easy and sad?"...
    I've got a couple:
    Blue Nile 'Tinsletown' "Do I love you? Yes I love you!" one of the most affirmative, uplifting moments I know in modern music.
    Same band, opposite emotion, the heartbreak of 'Family Life', the catch in Buchanan's voice when he sings"Jesus, you wipe the tears from her face"...

    One more: sorry to go all leather pants but the 'high': moment Springsteen counts the band back in after the breakdown in 'Born to Run'. "1234" poetry? Who'd have thunk it?
    The 'low' moment: Clarence's sax solo at end of 'Jungleland'. Never a dry eye.

    Get the idea?

  2. i like it - the only potential problem I see is that I'm a bit too much a fan of the lows - eg Tinsletown lyric is sung with such world weary resignation that it seems ot me a low in that will we ever be this happy again.

    I'm going to give it a go in a couple of weeks so thanks for the idea

  3. I'm with you, you can't beat a bit of melancholy...
    Maybe forget the high/low thing.
    Just do 'Under My Skin' as 'moments' in songs/records that get us swooning.
    Trev (tis I)

  4. Just keep doing what you're doing. It's all highly impressive stuff.


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