Friday, 5 February 2010

Competition Time - The Pearlfishers

Giveaway time! In doing a bit of sorting out I've found out that I liked this cd so much that for some reason I bought it twice! Rather than some Victor Kiam trait, it is more part of the perils of buying a lot of cds on pre order and then forgetting about them. The upside means that I keep getting nice surprises in the post, the downside is that occasionally this can happen.
So rather than flog it on ebay I thought I do a thankyou for sticking with me as I try this blogging thing. Based on readers, if you enter you'll have about a 1 in 150 chance of winning, based on comment writers it would probably be about 1 in 4 ( not bad odds).
If you like Scottish pop with a hint of Brian Wilson in there then this cd is worth having.

I've posted about the band and a track from the lp previously here

To enter - all you have to do is drop me a line to
I'll leave it a couple of weeks and then in true Swap shop stylee I'll get a celebrity (well okay my little boy) to pull out the winning name.


  1. Please don't put me in the hat (I already have it) but well worth signing up for, a cracking album from an undervalued master of melody.
    Dave Scott also did a grand job of producing one of Ricky Ross's recent albums 'Pale Rider' (his best solo effort, I think).
    Which reminds me, anybody heard 'The Great Lakes' yet?

  2. that is scary - I tend to do posts about a week in advance and lazy sunday this week is a track from the lakes lp. Overall it is pretty good a bit of a glass of red wine lp (a new rating method of what type of drink you'd have whilst listening to an lp)Not as good as Pale Rider which i agree is his best solo effort

  3. I also have the CD so no need to put me in the hat either, but agree with Trev that it's a great album.
    I bought 'The Great Lakes'and was very dissapointed....give me 'Raintown'any day!
    Tel Aviv
    Currently listening to my first purchase of the year, Northern Portrait 'Criminal Art Lovers'.Can't help but think of Morrissey when I listen to it but very good.

  4. cheers phil - I'll see if i can track down Northern Portrait to give them a listen. I can see what you mean re great lakes - after pale rider it was a bit of a let down I still quite like it although maybe the tur measure is that I havent played it much since i bought it

  5. Phil - tracked down the northern portrait myspace site - see what you mean about Morrissey. Really liked the tracks they had on their site so thanks for the pointer I'll be getting the debut lp whenever it is finished and out

  6. I love this album, heard of it when spotify recomended it to me and was a pleasant surprise to find the singer was in mcintosh ross' band when they played birkenhead in november.Darden Smith was the support that night and was excellent as usual.pleaseput me in the draw ,cant find this cd anywhere,thanks,phil


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