Tuesday, 16 February 2010

How Much??

I read a post on the blog 2 U I Bestow where there was a bit of a debate about the price of concert tickets in Ireland and the differences between the North and the South. This also tied in with me buying a ticket to see James at the Royal Albert Hall. The price of the ticket was £45, yes £45! Now i think James are fantastic live and will probably be worth every penny but ... £45!?
Now I'm not sure how much of this is down to it being the Albert Hall, I can't believe they would be charging this if it was Brixton academy or somewhere like that, so I don't really blame the band.
It did remind me of something else I read (I've lifted this from a post I made on the above mentioned blog) a speech a while back given by someone who represented a lot of bands, who basically said that 10 years ago the money made by their artists came from the following places in order of importance
Sales, publishing , radio ,merchandise ,sponsorship , live and that now the order was
Publishing , live , merchandise , radio , sponsorship , sales.
Now this feels like it came from some record company big wig who sees music as a unit. He was making the point that business will always exploit areas of growth thus cd prices coming down ticket prices going up. What is interesting is this applies just as much to the James of the world as it does to the U2s. Artists like James and Lloyd Cole etc now operate a bit outside the normal record company model. They raise money in different ways (Lloyd Cole is offering the chance to pre pay for an lp that hasn't yet been recorded to help pay for the recording) to make music to play live to make money to make music and so the cycle goes on. It only takes a few 1000 dedicated fans to make it work. The danger is that you get the balancing act wrong and it all becomes too much even for the dedicated. This is before the venues also realise that they are on to a good thing and start increasing the cost of putting on the gig in the first place.

Anyway £45...it's all a long way from when they were doing this

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