Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Looking Forward

I was trying to think of records I'm looking forward to in 2010. As i get older I guess i get more and more out of touch in terms of what is coming out when.

One lp i am looking forward to is the debut by Oxford band Stornoway. Their first single Zorbing was one of the best things I heard last year when it popped up on a compilation cd someone at work gave me.

They are one of the bands picked by the BBC as the "Sound of 2010" which I hope doesn't become too much of a millstone. They've played Later with Jools Holland, Glastonbury and Tate Modern, not bad for band with just two singles to their name

They sound a bit like a mix between Fleet Foxes and early James, but that doesn't really do them justice. It does have a bit of a pop folk feel with strings , trumpet etc layered on top of the usual guitar , bass, drums

Zorbing - Stornoway

I'm not sure when the lp will be out , what it will be called or even if it exists but if the other tracks are half as good as their debut single then it will be one of the best of the year

Lying in your attic
I can feel the static
The storm has broken, Heavens open
So electrifying, Oh I'm nearly flying
Lost my heart between the sheets of lightning

Their Myspace page is here which has a few more tracks to listen to

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