Monday, 1 February 2010

Miracle Mile monday part 23

The Third track form "Glow" sees the big radio friendly song but the chiming guitars and sing along chorus hides a the seed of of the feeling of an "increasing desire to be anywhere but here"

"But oh my love what have you done
Trading your hope for a place inthe sun"

Baby's in the House - Miracle Mile


  1. Bob Harris's favourite MM song apparently..

  2. Bob Harris - take me back to evenings watching the whistle test when Mark Ellen and David Hepworth were also on, i used to think they had the ideal job

  3. Bob's a top man; we did a couple of sessions for him at the BBC and I spent an evening sitting in on his show when he was at GLR.
    A genuine enthusiast who has viewed MM kindly since 'Bicycle Thieves'.
    He's not very well, suffering cancer, but battling on.
    I remember well the New Years' Eve Whistle Test specials. For some reason Meat Loaf and Little Feat stick in the mind. Now that would be a strange coupling...


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