Monday, 8 February 2010

miracle mile monday part 24

The final track from the Glow lp is "An Average Sadness. In Trevor's diary notes he writes

"I think most would crave a vivid life but ultimately settling for the golden mean. Those who don't suffer the extremes of human experience"

This is reflected in the songs lyric:

I will be there in the darkness
And I will be there in the light
But I won't be part of the madness
Oh for an average sadness

Musicwise this track seems to have its home in the deep south , you could almost hear it on the "Oh Brother Where Art Thou" soundtrack

An Average Sadness - Miracle Mile

Next week sees the start of 4 tracks from the latest Miracle mile lp so 4 more weeks and I'll need a new theme for a monday!

As a reminder you can listen to a sample of the 15 tracks of the Glow as well as buy it for a princely sum of £10 here


  1. Glad that you picked this as it's one of my fav's.
    I'm really happy with the lyric, works well with the music; I know what you mean about the 'O Brother...' thing.
    Thanks for your MM Mondays; maybe we can get the new one out before you run out of current tracks (are you going to do Coffee and Stars? Bit of a cheat...)

  2. Thanks Trev I am gettign a bit panicy as yo waht i do on amondays in 5 weeks time - Iam thinking of not "another singer songwriter?" as i seem to like an awful lot of them.

    The new lp well it means you've got 4 weeks to get it out! I'm really looking forward to it, whenever it appears

  3. I'll second that! It's already top of my 'must have' CD's for this year.
    Tel Aviv


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