Monday, 15 February 2010

Miracle Mile Monday part 25

Miracle Mile's 7th and to date last lp was released as usual to great reviews and lots of quotes about "undiscovered gems" , "music's best kept secret" etc. The first track I've posted is the opening track which just instills in me a sense of longing and belonging. The chorus is liquid warmth. I think I'd read that Trevor Jones shies away from using female backing vocals as it can give a too obvious commercial feel to a song (I may have dreamt this and be way off the mark). However he relents on this track and they fit just perfectly adding a sense of depth. The Sunday Time voted this one of their songs of the year. This was a radio 2 single of the week that never was (and I mean that as a compliment!)

you can buy Limbo form the band's website here


  1. This is my favourite track from Limbo,an album I adore.My second favourite MM album.
    I agree about the female vocals, they really do 'make' this song.
    Tel Aviv

  2. Hi Phil

    I agree this is my favourite - although Ghostwritten pushes it close

  3. You can currently buy 'Limbo' for £2.46 on amazon (their price).
    Glad it's available but depressing to see it 'bargain binned' so early in it's life...

  4. I kept an online diary whilst we recorded 'Limbo'.
    PS: This was the entry for this song:

    'Lights of Home' is a song that pretty much encapsulates MM infatuations: the desire to be elsewhere, the need to leave home to find home, the transience of life, wishing on stars (that might of ceased to exist), the need to be witnessed bearing witness, re-interpreting a past "invested with new meaning", the hope that 'the journey' might be completed; full circle and... the need to share that experience. A pretty broad canvas then.
    We covet complicated lives, yet yearn for the simplicity of childhood. A lifetime of adult fumblings invariably leaves us reaching for the precious possessions of childhood; a bag of marbles, a bicycle, a rocking horse...Orson Wells's 'Rosebud'. So...not original ideas, but put forth as a simple 'Everyman/Everywoman' observation that; the everyday miracles are too mundane to mark.
    I've always been reluctant to use backing vocals. I understand that they can add a 'commercial' sheen to things; I think that's what makes me uncomfortable about them, but on this song we chose to use Luce Drayton on the chorus to make the song more inclusive, less specific to me. She sings later, on the other inclusive ditty 'Forgotten Songs' for much the same reason. There's a purity to her voice that blends nicely with mine; beauty and the beast!
    Musically the song was intended to reach an orchestral crescendo for the end section; the reflection on those childhood simplicities "there was a path..." etc, but Marcus tinkered and handed it back to me with the arse falling out of the track at that point. Brilliant. That's the boy's strength: he is a fine musician, but... he listens to the words and gets right inside the meaning of the song before making those big decisions; the starkness of the end section endorsing the fact that such a tiny moment is singular, personal and never shared. We're born alone. We die alone.
    When all was done, 'Lights of Home' seemed to present itself as the 'first track', with the last line's invitation: "see the lights of home from here".

  5. Hi Trev

    glad you and Marcus came up with the version you did - although some MM songs with a full orchestra backing ... now that would be interesting

  6. We looked at the budget for strings for the new album, and went for the Blue Melodica instead (£25 inc p&p from China).
    Also, prepare yourself for a comb and toilet paper solo (Andrex) .
    Needs must...

  7. Surely you could get the local school orchestra in ??? There is nothing like the sound of a violin being played by a 12 yr old


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