Friday, 26 February 2010

My indie past - The Orchids

I used to own a lot of records from the Sarah record label, which was the home to lots of bands who can sang lovelorn songs with quiet almost fey slightly off key vocals set to jangly guitars. I can only describe them as "twee" the term that came to name this type of music. One of the bands were The Orchids from Glasgow who had formed in 1986.
They released some good stuff but nothing that stood out too much from the other bands on the label. Then I heard this
For me it was a transformation of Primal Scream Loaded proportions. The soulful backing vocals really shouldn't work but they lift the song to classic single status.
"Get yourself high , feed your soul , set yourself free"
The album it came from "Unholy Soul" continued the trend with a variety and experimentation coupled with great tunes, which lifted them above the "Sarah" norm.
They disappeared after the release of their 3rd lp "Striving for the Lazy Perfection" until 2007 when out of the blue a new lp appeared.
"Good to be Stranger" saw a return to the more straight forward jangle pop. It's a good lp but I miss a bit the "let's try this" feeling of the previous lps. I've posted the title track so you can compare and contrast
You can buy Unholy Soul here
Their website can be found here

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