Thursday, 18 February 2010

Singular Sounds M - Music Lovers (song link corrected)

For "M" there are a few in the only one track camp to choose from, it could have been Momus or Malcolm McClaren.

Instead I've gone for a track that appeared on one of the monthly cds that come free with Word magazine. This one from September 2005. It has a bit of an easy listening feel to it as it waltzes along. Also with such a great title you can't really go wrong. I don't know much about the band apart from the fact that they are from San Francisco but remind me more of an echo of late 80s British pop bands who in turn looked back to the songs of Burt Bacharach etc. Re listening to this as well as a couple more tracks on their myspace site has tempted me to take a punt on one of their lps

Amended link to correct song!

Former Miss Ontario - Music Lovers

Their Myspace site can be found here and looking at the messages it seems they have decided to call it a day, which is a real shame.

you can buy their cds here

Ps I normally write posts about 2 weeks in advance of posting. Since I wrote this I've gone and bought their lp "the words we say before we sleep" ( a title raymond carver would have been proud of). If you like the track I've posted here then I'd recommend getting the lp, it is full of great songs in a similar vein to Miss Ontario


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