Thursday, 25 February 2010

Strange Covers - Heaven 17

A while back I posted Heaven 17's cover version of The Associates "Party Fears Two". It wasn't what you'd expect being basically a slowed down version featuring mainly just piano and voice. This next cover is a bit more like their usual sound. It was recorded as The British Electric Foundation which is usually Heaven 17 with a guest vocalist but to confuse matters this has usual lead singer Glen Gregory take vocal duties.

It is one of my favourite songs. I'm still not sure how a song about a bloke who climbs telegraph poles for a living can evoke so much! Although i think the lines quoted below have something to do with it It isn't as good as the original but it is worth a listen

And I need you more than want you

And I want you for all time


  1. I simply adore B.E.F. Music of Quality and Distinction Vol.1 !! Sandi Shaw belts out Anyone Who Had A Heart, Billy MacKenzie is triumphant on Secret Life of Arabia and Glenn Gregory does the definitive version of Perfect Day...I like it better than Lou Reed (yeah I know, sacrilege!!). And Wichita Lineman is of course brilliant! There is meant to be a Vol. 3 and I hope it sees the light of day this year!

  2. I have that on cassette in my garage , great to hear it again .

    I have come an artist who for me has a bit of a billy mackenzie vibe to him called ' motoboy' . His 2nd cd is out soon . If you like him , just say
    I'd be happy to share the tracks I have .

  3. Thanks for the comments - vol 3 I didnt realise there was a vol 2! - I'll give motoboy website a visit

  4. The Moto Boy website is worth a visit as his debut album is available as a free download and it's not too shabby either!
    Tel Aviv

  5. Vol 2 sadly wasnt a patch on Vol 1 which closed with a stunning version of Roy Orbison's It's Over being given the full Billy Mackenzie treatment.

  6. cheers JC - it is a shame i like the idea of a band getting guest vocalists in - apparently that was the original idea behind Electronic but i read an interview with BS where he basically said it was all much too much hard work and just easier if he sang them all!


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