Tuesday, 9 March 2010

life of live - Martin Stephenson

Whilst waiting for the new Dainties lp to come out I managed to see Martin Stephenson on a short solo tour. From what I remember it wasn't strictly solo as he had with him multi instrumentalist Micky Watson who it seems could play just about everything. Micky Watson played with the band for a couple of the lps and tours and not blessed with the pop star looks (think Chris Evans with bigger glasses and more ginger hair) his other main role seemed to be the constant butt of piss taking from Martin. He seemed to take it all in good heart but sometimes it would make you wince. They fell out sometime later and I often wonder if night after night of the constant public micky taking had something to do with it.

Anyway the concert was a mix of old songs and new. The concert was a much more mellow experience than seeing the Dainties, Martin singing and playing guitar and Micky adding depth and texture with clarinet, accordion and anything else he could get his hands on. This was at the time when I thought Martin could do no wrong and was busily trying to track down everything the dainties had released at that point, so it was great to hear some new stuff and old stuff but in a different arrangement.

I think every band should have one song where when they play it live the singer almost becomes redundant as the crowd lost in their own version sing the song instead. For the dainties it was the track I've posted. There was something special about an the crowd singing in whispered vocals as Martin strummed on the guitar. It was a"hairs on the back of your neck" moment and the lasting memory from this concert

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