Monday, 1 March 2010

Miracle Mile Monday part 27

The penultimate Miracle Mile post. This track follows the usual pattern of building to a killer chorus. Also important for keeping the word plasticine in the English language as playdoh seeks world domination.

As ever you can buy Limbo from the band's website here


  1. I can see that popular music invariably allows the listener to inhabit a song and I often wonder if our limited commercial success is because my lyrics are too specific, refining our appeal. I try to illuminate the everyday stuff that might seem too mundane to be worth a second glance. Nothing original in that, many writers attempt to connect by observing those 'penny-drop' moments, but for a song to resonate, for me, there needs to be personal investment, specifics that might alienate, or at least take the 'that's me' moment away.
    'Plasticine' started as an observation of a friend's disintegrating relationship and his attempts to re-launch himself as an independent spirit. The simple truths are often the hardest to embrace if you're emotionally befuddled, in the eye of the storm. Bitterness is a taste that lingers. He needed to move on but also needed to recognise the process and mark the departure (the MM mantra of the need to be witnessed bearing witness again!) Moving forward helped him to look back (eventually) with clarity; resentment became understanding and he began to "talk about the good things" Paddy MacAloon noted "all of my insights in retrospect"; isn't that simply 'wisdom'.
    I didn't want the song to be voyeuristic or too specific to him, so I imagined myself regretful at the end of my current (long term and very happy) relationship. This provided the tastes and smells of that last verse and took away the possibility of the song ever being a single!
    Trev (MM)

  2. Thanks again Trev. I did wonder what was the spark that kicked off the writing of the song, it did confuse me the last verse a bit as it did seem so personal and regretful compared to the "That's me" that came before I was left thinking did he want her back or not?
    I think the last verse makes the song!


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