Monday, 8 March 2010

Miracle Mile monday part 28

So it comes to an end - 7 lps with 4 tracks from each and if you don't think everyone's a winner, well we will just have to disagree. I've chosen this song to end not because it is one of my favourites but I think it is a typical Miracle Mile song in that the playing is faultless, you keep hearing new subtleties and it has one of those killer choruses that hooks into your brain and never lets go.

Say the sun will rise tomorrow

Try and cast away your sorrows

Step by Step - Miracle Mile

Thanks to sticking with it and a big thankyou to Trevor for leaving comments of support and explanantion

The good news is that in one of those comments he has mentioned that he and Marcus Cliffe have started work on the next lp.

In the meantime you can buy all the Miracle Mile lps here on their website (as well as last years fantastic Trevor Jones solo lp "Hopeland") all £10 each including postage. Pretty good value!

Some of the tracks posted here along with others just as good are featured on a "best of" called "Coffee and Stars" (for some reason sums up their songs) which can also be found on the website

As for next week , well I'd be lost without a theme and I've settled on Monday Moments (I'm sticking with the alliteration) - the idea is songs that have a certain phrase, melody , instrumental break, single chord etc that give me one of those hair on the back of the neck moments. If nothing else it will give me a chance to wax lyrical on some of my favourite songs.


  1. Marcus had a groove and some lovely jangly guitars in search of a voice and a Middle 8. It reminded me of the Pacific Highway drive I did solo a few years back. I had found myself in a moment grace; the archetypal moment of escape; a car, a radio, crashing waves and a wide-open empty road. I worked on the lyrics and melodies on the M25 and waiting for trains at Marylebone Station hence the lyrical content. Its genesis in California also allowed me to use the word ‘ain’t’ without too much discomfort. Never again!

    Meanwhile, thanks for this MM Monday section; it's been interesting to read how the songs hit (or miss) their targets.
    I'm looking forward to the new section.
    Sounds like there'll be more money going Amazon's way...

  2. I'd also like to say a big 'Thanks' for this series.It's been a great read, both your views on the songs and Trevors comments.Looking forward to the new album!
    Tel Aviv

  3. thanks for the comments and Trev i hope you keep visiting and commenting

    I do think of MM songs as more pacific highway than M25!


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