Monday, 29 March 2010

Monday Moment part 3/26 - The Adventures

A truly great song in a truly horrendous sleeve (1985 the year of big hair) The Adventures are best known for their one hit "Broken Land" which came from their second lp. Their best moment is from their debut lp "Theodore and Friends".

I've always been a sucker for the massed vocal harmonies and when they kick in on the choruses it always gives me a shiver. Add to that guitars that sparkle and chime and this is still one of my favourite singles

You Can buy "Theodore and Friends" here. It thankfully has a much better cover


  1. I loved the adventures , I think I had send my heart with its epic chorus , in a double pack somewhere . I have the 2nd lp on cassette , but i didn't really enjoy it as much as the first .

  2. hi jay
    i think I have the same double pack with another silent day as the other single. The 3rd lp Trading Secrets with the moon is worth getting

    Friend of Rachel worth

  3. Broken Land was a cracking song. If you're going to be a one hit wonder, that one will do.

  4. Hi Darren

    i agree, only downside is it made the rest of that lp feel a bit ordinary


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