Monday, 5 April 2010

Monday Moments part 4/26 - Stepping Out

I'm not a massive fan of Joe Jackson, he is one of those artists where I've got the greatest hits and that is about it. This is mainly to do with his voice which can be a bit whiny for me sometimes. However on this one of my favourite singles it is a perfect fit. It is also a song that I can't hear with out seeing the video. The lyrics are about escape although I just get a sense of world weary regret and being left behind. The video had Joe Jackson as a piano player , almost an observer as the couple (the suggestion is that they are having an affair) try to get away ( I read an interview with Joe Jackson where he said that the director took one look at him and decided the best place for him was behind his piano!). His voice and the video always gave me the feeling that the "stepping out" was doomed to the reality that the grass is often not greener just the same kind of green.
As for the Monday moment well it is after 30 sec when the piano hook starts up


We are young
But getting old before our time

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