Saturday, 3 April 2010

acoustic v electric part 1 - Rialto

One of those repeated views that don't really mean anything is the thought that you can tell the quality of the song when it is played acoustically. MTV made a lot of this concept with it's ongoing "unplugged"series. I thought I'd put this to the test with 2 posts.

Rialto were one of those bands that rode in on the coat- tails of Britpop. It is a shame that they got lumped in with this label, (To be fair any band in the late 90s with a guitarist tended to get called Britpop.) as in Louis Eliot they had a better songwriter than most.

Their biggest hit was "Monday Morning" which is pleasant enough and full of the swagger of the age and of a band who had been tipped for big things.

6 years later, the big things didn't really happen Louis Eliot releases a solo lp "The Long Way Round" As an extra track there is an acoustic version of Monday Morning. I like this version much better. The swagger has been replaced in the vocal with sense of world weary resignation.


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