Monday, 12 April 2010

All a bit Ridiculous

You'll probably notice that i received my first DMCA notice which I wrote about here. For a couple of tracks by a band based just outside Durham ( I'm not going to mention them as now even writing the name seems to be breaching copywrite) and one of the posts just mentioned the song title as the link had been removed about 5 months ago.
I dutifully removed the remaining link and any images of lp covers, but kept the posts up as there was a good comments thread on one of them. I've now received another notice for the same posts despite there now not being any link to any track on them. I've given in and now deleted them completely.
It would be quite funny if it wasn't so disheartening. I can only think the whole thing is being done by some kind of search engine and no one is actually looking at the posts that notices are being served on
Blogger also give you a website where details of the notice are posted....... well surprise surprise , after searching every possible word combination all I get is a "no match found"
It doesn't bode well for the implications of the digital bill that has been rushed through


  1. curse the digital bill , my dad watched one of the readings of the bill ,
    and on all sides , there were about 15 members of parliment present .

    I got a notice once and it was by an awful company who trawl the net
    for the industry and report you . I thought what B******s!

  2. Hi Jay
    That amkes sense if that has waht caused my notice
    the digital equivalent of ambulance chasers!

  3. You had probably better pull the reference to preferred spout in your labels column. One of my favourite blogs "Keep the Coffee Coming" was summarily closed down by blogger without any warning- despite being run by a 70+ old lady from Massachussetts!


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