Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Bigger Than The Beatles - My Friend the Chocolate Cake

Either one of the best or one of the worst band names ever. This Australian band are more of a muiscal ensemble and have at their core David Bridie and Helen Mountfort. I've no idea how well known they are in the this country all I know is whenever I talk about them I'm met with blank looks and a difficulty in getting the conversation past the name. I'm not sure how I got introduced to them. I bought "Review" which is a 1997 compilation of their first 3 lps and since then I've bought their two most recent lps "Curious" from 2003 and "Home Improvements" from 2006.

They are not a traditional band in the sense of guitar bass and drums, instead using a wide variety of mainly acoustic instruments. Their style shifts from mournful ballads, sing along pop songs to cinematic and atmospheric instrumentals (and a unique sounding cover of Magazine's Song From Under the Floorboards).

The songs range from the personal to the observational, often feeling more like a book of short stories set to music rather than a pop lp. They do defy categorisation but if you like what you've heard in Miracle Mile Monday, the softer moments of early Deacon Blue or the new pop folk bands (eg Noah and the Whale , Mumford and Sons, Stornoway, etc) then give them a go.

I've posted 4 songs "I've got a Plan" and "Home Improvements" are as straight forward pop as they get, whereas the other 2 show the more atmospheric side. "The Gossip" especially uses simple piano chords to suck you into the stifling world of living in a small town (always reminds me of where I grew up)

You can buy "Home Improvements" or a best of called "Parade" here

You can get the rest of the lps or download some b sides here at the band's website

David Bridie has also released a couple of solo lps that have a more electronic, sampled feel although share with his band a peerless sense of atmosphere


  1. David Bridie is a mate of mine.
    We met over an email after one too many reviews had compared our music.
    We've threatened to do some gigs together, there was even talk of David producing me before I became entwined with Marcus.
    He's a talented boy that Bridie, politically active, writes soundtracks, has 3 solo albums, the first of which 'Act of Free Choice' would be on my island. Check out 'Kerosene' or 'The Deserters' from that album (("you can tell so much about a place by the way they treat their own deserters") he deserves greater attention.
    I work with a lot of Aussies, even folk from Melbourne (David's hometown) who stare at me blankly when I mention Dave and MFTCC. Bizarre...
    Mates normally send free CDs.
    David doesn't.
    I have brought everything they've done, which kind of shows how highly I rate the work.
    I can confidently say, buy everything he's done.

  2. Thanks Trev - 3 solo lps? I've got Act of Free Choice (my fav is The Koran .....) and love it as well as Hotel Radio. Didn't know there was a 3rd one so off to track it down and buy it now!
    I do find it strange that his stuff isn't more widely recognised

  3. "Park yer car in the garage oo hoo" as Di sings in The Koran (her Fav too).
    Don't tell Bridie, she says...

  4. Thanks for reminding me of MFTCC.Their CD'Good Luck'got very good reviews and quite a lot of air play here in Israel.But after that one ,excellent, album I lost track of them.Good to hear they've released plenty more material for me to look up!
    Tel Aviv

  5. Phil,
    give me your address and I'll send a taster of their stuff. (sure Mr Bridie won't mind)
    You can email me at trev@lisacottage.demon.co.uk

  6. ordered the 3rd solo lp last night

    Phil - it is def worth getting Curious and home improvements (their 2 latest)I think i bought both over the web direct from Australia


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