Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Bit on the Side - ALT

An occasional series of side projects, and this post brings together Andy White, Liam the lead singer of Hothouse Flowers, and Tim Finn as ALT

Their lp "Altitude" came out of long post pub jamming sessions and some of the songs are ideas that should have been lost along the way. However there are some great tracks and the whole thing sounds like it was great fun to make. The whole thing feels very democratic with everyone sharing vocals and seemingly dropping in and out with harmonies as the mood takes them.

I've posted two tracks

The Refuge Tree shows how well their voices work so well together but also shows teh slightly shambolic nature of the recording with the whole thing forever on the verge of falling apart but somehow stays on course until the final "Tell me are you lonesome".

My favourite is Decided to Fly in which each singer takes a verse and covers memories of home and growing up coupled with that need to escape, that anyone growing up in a small town can appreciate

I decided to Fly - Alt

As ever the cd looks like is a nightmare to track down with home made copies on ebay and amazon selling one for a ridiculous £33. You may be able to get it form Andy White's website whichcan be found here

I think they also released a live lp. Their paths have kept crossing with sharing songwriting duties on each other's lps but nothing with the 3 of them together. It is a bit of an oddity as an lp but the singing and the songwriting shine through

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