Sunday, 11 April 2010

Lazy Sunday - Housemartins

Lazy sunday and top of the shuffle pile today is one of my favourite party singles. When the housemartins appeared with Flag Day, Sheep and this Happy Hour, in their own way they were just as refreshing as the Smiths were. They lasted for 2 glorious lps a handful of singles, had a number 1 and then split at the top of their game.

What do I like about it well at 2 mins 21 secs I can still dance to it without risk of a heart attack... just.

Happy Hour - The Housemartins


  1. Great band, great song. Was listening to Think For A Minute the other day and hoping people do that very thing on May 6th before possibly electing the Tories to run the country again. Need more bands today with a social conscience albeit ones that do it in fun way like the Housemartins.

  2. cheers Scott - stan is now writing the music for a new show on cbeebies maybe he will slip in some subtle anti tories references to inluence the parents


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