Sunday, 4 April 2010

Lazy Sunday - Two People

Lazy Easter sunday and top of the shuffle pile is another bit of mid 80s shiny pop. A great big bit of catchy vinyl that failed to trouble the top 40. I like the slightly overwrought vocals. If the cover does indeed feature "the shirt that she wore when it was good", well you'd have to question their taste


  1. I loved two people , I was so pleased recently when i found on a blog
    lots of tracks by them I hadn't heard off .

  2. Hi Jay

    what is their other stuff like is it as good as this is the shirt?

  3. Good stuff. Can't say I ever heard of the band in the 80's but worth a listen. Thanks.

  4. Cheers anon
    I've no idea what their other stuff sounds like as you can see from my previous comment but always loved this single


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