Thursday, 1 April 2010

Life of Live - The Woodentops

I got into the Woodentops through the brother of one the girls I shared a house with at poly. They released 2 lps of manic acoustic strums and complex rhythms. I can remember this as one of the hottest concerts I've been to mainly as the strumming and drumming was even more manic live and the only way to keep up was to jump up and down rather than try any kind of dancing (these were the days when I would attempt to dance rather than stand with a beer in my hand nodding).

Both lps are full of the catchiest of songs and I've posted my favourite track from the lp "Giant"

The lead singer and main songwriter was Rollo who when the band disappeared to my shame I was convinced had pitched up in Faithless as producer and brother of Dido, Rolo (the confusion caused by a missing "l"!!)

The news from their website is the band is touring again with rumours of a new lp


  1. Obscurity Knocks1 April 2010 at 06:20

    Good lord, as soon as I read your post I thought "woodenfoot cops on the highway", a phrase I would never had thought of in years.

    Tried to post more on the Dolby/ Prefab thread, but blogger died. Never mind

    Keep posting mate!

  2. cheers obscurity - one of the oddest lp titles ever - i remember at the concert nearly having a heart attack after an seemingly endless manic version of stop this car

  3. Really enjoy the blog. Was listening to Move Me earlier tonight and reminding myself what an under-rated band The Woodentops were. Along with The Bodines and The Weather Prophets they bring back very fond memories of my teenage years.

  4. cheers Scott

    Bodines were my favourite from this time. i loved Almost Prayed but thought the lp was a bit patchy and so gave it away. I kind of wish i hadn't because I liked to go back to it and give it another go


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