Saturday, 24 April 2010

Long Lost Colourfield

A while back I posted about the God Like Genius that is Terry Hall. Well the wonderful people at Cherry Red have re-released the second Colourfield lp "Deception" It is a very patchy lp with the acoustic poppy feel and great harmonies replaced with a lot of programmed drums and loops. It feels and sounds like a band breaking up (apparently the record was finished using Raquel Welch's backing band!!). However it did feature one of the best things he has written

In a house one a hill by a lake
Lives a great mistake
Looks a lot like me

As an extra, the lp also feature one of the lp's songs re-recorded with Sinead O' Connor replacing Terry Hall on lead vocals. Her voice suites the electronic backing better than Terry Hall's and it is a shame the song was tucked away on a b side

what the eyes don't see the heart won't miss

Interestingly as with Funboy Three, Terry Hall kept to a pattern of 2 lps, 7 singles , split up (only to break it with his next band)

The lp also feature 2 tracks I didn't know existed, a single and b side both produced by Ian Broudie and released inbetween the band's 2 lps (Things could be Beautiful / Frosty Mornings ). Both these tracks are good enough to make me wonder what Deception would have sounded like if he had stayed in on as producer
Needless to say neither this song or the 2 singles from the lp troubled the charts

You can buy Deception here


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