Monday, 12 April 2010

Monday Moments - Regret

Monday moments and I could have chosen 3 other tracks by this band and all to do with the singer's voice "Will we ever be so happy go lucky", "Stay , I will understand you" and the dictionary definition of despair and sadness that is "Family Life" - "Jesus I go to sleep and I pray for my kids, for my wife, family life"

Instead I've gone for an early b side, mainly because if you like the Blue Nile this may be one of the tracks you haven't heard.

Sometimes the simplest words in a song say the biggest things and my monday moment it as at about 40secs when for the first time

"It's 3:30 and I'm thinking of you, regret"


  1. Great to find some unheard Nile.
    Paul could (and often does) make the simple sound sacred.
    I saw his solo tour a couple of years back and he sang 'I Left My Heart in SF'... not a dry eye.
    Also did a song I hope he'll soon record called 'Meanwhile':

  2. Thanks for the link Trev I'm going stright over to have a look
    I saw them at the royal albert hall promoting peace at last and they genuinely seemed shocked that their music got such a response. There seems to have been news of soon to be released solo lp for years.
    hopefully somethign will come out soon


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