Monday, 19 April 2010

Monday Moments - James

Friday night I saw James play live at the Royal Albert Hall and despite moaning about the price here as ever they were worth every penny with at least 2 songs the best versions I've heard them do. Anyway I should wait until the appropriate life of live before i talk about it (which on current run rate will probably be in a couple of years time!).

However it just reminded me how much I love this song. There are two monday moments for me . The first is the whole massed acoustic guitar strumming which when you play it loud just sounds like you are caught in the middle of a tropical downpour of "endless rain endless rain"

The second is at 3:22 mins when for the first time the backing vocals come in. One of the things that Brian Eno does so well is male backing vocals. They have a certain style and tend to find their way into a lot of what he produces

When they played it live it was one of those moments where the whole hall stood and endlessly sang the refrain "Sometimes when I can look in your eyes I can see your soul" as the band just stood and took it all in ...oh to be pop star!

The bands new ep Night Before can be bought here and if the 5 tracks they played on friday are anything to go by it shows a band at the top of their game oozing confidence


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