Tuesday, 6 April 2010

My first DMCA

Well i guess it had to happen. I've had my first DMCA notice. It was for a post i did on Bonny by Prefab Sprout. Still at least blogger just moved the post to draft and ask that I delete the offending link (which I have done) rather than simply deleting the whole post complete with comments which i know has happened to others in the past.
I guess as the blog has got more hits it is more likely to be noticed now.
What is odd is that i have also been asked to remove a post that featured King of Rock and Roll by Prefab Sprout. Fair enough if kitchenware or whoever have an issue with posting mp3s of the sprouts. The odd thing is that this post was in early oct and in November i had already removed the link to the mp3 (I was better at housekeeping then) but still got a DMCA notice yesterday. Therefore it seems that just mentioning Prefab Sprout is infringing copyright... oops there I go again
It's a bit ironic that it came through on Paul Haig day - an artist who has given his support to bloggers in an effort to get his great stuff more widely known.
the other confusing thing is although I assume it is for the mp3 link, it might just as easily be for the cover art, you don't get much detail in the notice. anyway better safe than sorry and I've taken down both


  1. Remember the First Time. Moody Places, Madchester Rave On (thankfully Pece has resurfaced) and George De Large's excellent Taking Drugs to make Music have all gone to the wall in recent times. Be on your guard.

  2. Obscurity Knockers7 April 2010 at 11:26

    I understand the insistence on link removal for new releases but I don't see how this can do anything other than chill your efforts to spread the good word on some relatively obscure music.

    Anyway, be careful and keep up the good work

  3. Must be 'The Management' justifying their 20 %.
    I think you'll find that few 'Artists' are thinking about their loss of income.
    I love the idea of community and the sharing of a good idea or a new thought. There's nothing more exciting than discovering new music, my first instinct is to find a friend to play it to...
    However, as 'the artist' I can understand the desire for new stuff to be heard in its best light. There is compression and loss of quality with MP3s that make some a little sniffy; I guess that if we want exposure. we musicians need to understand that our songs wont always be heard in glorious hifi; the first time I heard 'Born to Run' was on a tiny red tranny with a speaker the size of a sixpence.
    Still remember the joy..
    So, cake and eat it?
    Why temper the enthusiast?
    It's easy for me to say (it's your arse) but: keep it up!

  4. thanks for the support. i cansee their point adn I'm quite happy to take stuff down, and I do try and stick to stuff that is pretty hard to get hold of (not much of a defence i know) I guess the thing that got me perpelexed was a notice for a post where the link had been removed about 4/5 months ago
    anyway boo hiss CBS or whoever and Paddy is still a genius

  5. I'm so upset it has sent my spelling to hell


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