Saturday, 17 April 2010

My indie past - The Chesterfields

In 1986 I was buying lots of singles and lps by bands who all followed the Housemartins template, breezy guitar pops song that skipped along in less than 3 minutes with lyrics which could only be sung with your tongue in your cheek. One of the singles was Brilliant Corners "Brian Rix" which rhymed

"it is just that you remind me a Brian Rix when you pull down your trousers it has me in fits"

Another band was the Chesterfields. I bought their lp "Kettle" on the basis of the single "Ask Johnny Dee". Johnny Dee was I think a music journalist from the Record Mirror, Sounds or somewhere like that

Well if you'd like to know what pop stars have for tea , ask johnny dee
And in which motor car it is safe to be seen ,ask johnny dee
and would you like to know what pop kids wear in the sea, ask johnny dee
and who is the girl who plays the tambourine

This song could have been about a school friend of mine Johnny C who was the ultimate indie pop kid (although I don't think he ever went in the sea) to the extent that he had his own short lived fanzine which in the fens was no mean feat

I've included a second song which showed their more mature side and has some great harmonies. As with a lot of bands like this the rest of the lp tends to blur into one

Ask Johnny Dee - The Chesterfields

Shame about the Rain - The Chesterfields

I did manage to track down a compilation lp "Electric Guitars in Their Hearts"on cd and it was a nice surprise as their sound obviously got a bit fuller and more varied with later releases. You can buy that lp here


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