Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Paul Haig Day

Today has officially been designated by JC over at Vinyl Villain as Paul Haig day. Basically a lot of bloggers will be posting tracks by Paul Haig in an effort to raise his profile and get some more people to explore his music. I won't go into a load of biographical details as I'm sure some of the other bloggers will do a much better job.

I've posted a track from the lp Chain, originally released in 1989 and which has had a welcome re-release in the last couple of years on the Cherry Red Label.
The track I've chosen is a lot slower than the other stuff on the lp but I think shows off just how good his voice is.

If you want to listen to more stuff then I suggest you follow the various links on the Vinyl Villain blog here

You can buy Chain here

Paul haig has been very supported of the day and has given us all a remix of a track form his fantastic new lp "Relive"

You can buy Relive here

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