Thursday, 15 April 2010

Singular Sounds P - P J Harvey

I know to a lot of people Polly Harvey should be in a God Like Genius posting rather then a singular sounds one. Loads of my friends tried to convince me that Sheela-Na-Gig was the future of rock music when it came out. I just didn't get it. I know that she is one of those artists that I really should like, but it has never quite clicked and i have tried. Having said that I loved this when it came out. It was a single from the "Is This Desire"lp.

I'm not sure if something can be sexy and scary at the same time , but this gets close. I must have thought it was a one off as I didn't get the lp and this still remains the only track I own by her. Every now and then I think I should try and explore a bit more so any pointers where to start welcome!

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