Friday, 30 April 2010

Singular Sounds R - Robert Palmer

Singular sounds and I don't own anything by anyone starting with a Q (especially as media player sorts by christian name first) so it is on to R. I've chosen this over Robert Lloyd as it is another example that proves the rule that everyone has a good single in them. I still don't know how the same person who can make "Addicted to Love" and be part of the awful swagger that was the Power Station can produce something as world weary and as good as this.

The lp this came from, "Looking for Clues" sees Robert Palmer start to dabble with synths , covering a Gary Numan song, etc. The electronic rhythm tracks propels it along but the lyric is more Springsteen than Our Friends Electric.
Although this is still one of my favourite singles, I must have seen something of the road ahead because I didn't buy anything else by him

Scared that he'll be caught without a second thought

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