Friday, 21 May 2010

Life of Live - Lloyd Cole and the Commotions

The next live concert after the Railway Children felt like I'd been looking forward to it all year. The commotions were probably my favourite band at the time and their 3rd lp Mainstream was fantastic. I didn't realise that at the time they were in the death throws and that it would be their last lp.

Although when we left we all told each other what a great concert it had been , in truth it was bitterly disappointing. The sound was poor and the band just felt like they were going through the motions with Lloyd looking like he wanted to be anywhere but on stage performing these songs.

I was lucky enough to see them again at their one off reunion tour and that was everything I'd hoped this concert would be , full of energy and a band who looked like they were having fun.

Typical of the fact was that they did this song, a great track on the lp Easy Pieces, but live in the cavernous Bradford Hall just got lost in the background noise. Only goes to prove that you can't teach a shark to play piano


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