Monday, 17 May 2010

Monday Moments - Big Audio Dynamite

I was never a massive fan of the Clash, loved "London Calling", liked the singles and had "Combat Rock" but that was about it. However this is pure brilliance. It seems weird that at the time the sample heavy sound Mick Jone's first post Clash band came up with was pretty unique outside of rap/dance music.

The song takes us on a whistle stop tour of the films of Nic Roeg from Walkabout, Performance and The Man Who fell to Earth


People ask what's the deal

Man dies first reel

This ain't how it's supposed to be

Don't like no aborigine"

Through to Don't Look Now and Insignificance

"Met a dwarf that was no good

Dressed like little red riding hood

Bad habit taking life c

Calling card a six inch knife,

Ran off really fast

Mumbling something about the past

Best sex I've ever seen

As if each moment was the last"

I'm my student pretentiousness I liked the fact I could get all the references

All this is interspersed with sampled dialogue from the film with James Fox and Mick Jagger , "Performance". My Monday moment comes throughout the song, each time the immensely quotable dialogue pops up. Perhaps my favourite being "I like a bit of a cavorts"

I may be listening through rose tinted headphones but I think this sounds as fresh as ever


  1. Great song; I'd forgotten all about it.
    While we're looking back at thespian intrusions, I've just been reminded of Richard Harris's fantastic album 'A Tramp Shining' which is stuffed full of brilliantly bonkers Jimmy Webb songs.
    Have a look at this:

  2. Great link thanks Trev - always loved his version and didn't know it came from an lp.

    Also watching the clip made me think there aren't enough pop stars these days that are proud of their sweat patches!

  3. I think Harris was a walking sweat patch.
    Just finished the new album today, 'Keepers' will be mastered tomorrow...
    Will keep you posted.


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