Monday, 24 May 2010

Monday Moments - Easter Theatre

I was a fan on xtc I had a lot of their lps (all of them since "English Settlement") and a couple of songs would definitely pop in my all time favourite chart. However, there isnt one lp apart from maybe "skylarking" that I didn't think deep down was a bit ... well patchy. For every great tune, there would be one that would just pass me by and every lp seemed to have a song that would have me reaching for the skip button. They seemed to have vanished since the "Nonsuch" lp (apparently tied up in all kind of legal disputed with their record label)

Out of nowhere a new lp appeared in 1999, "Apple Venus". It is a work of genius. By far the most cohesive thing they have done. I can only describe it as chamber pop full of musical quirks with the lushest of instrumentation and harmonies. For once with a band after a long break this was an lp that sounded like it took 7 years to make.

My monday moment comes from one track , Easter Theatre. It starts with a gorgeous bit of strings and soon tumbles into a great chorus.

My moment is towards the end as like a summer walk the song meanders to it's end and at about 3 and a half minutes on you get some dreamlike harmonies that gradually fade away until you reach for repeat

Apple Venus disappeared as quickly as it came and with the next lp they returned to the spikier guitar pop of old. It's a lost classic

Easter Theatre - XTC


  1. Can't agree with you more! One thing I love on this album is that Colin Moulding has a much more prominent place in the production and songwriting. I have always admired the way he and Andy Partridge were able to assemble the work they both brought to the table on each album - there's is a true musical marriage and one that should be mentioned alongside Lennon and McCartney and Difford and Tilbrook in my mind. I get exactly what you mean about Easter Theater, it is a stand out on an outstanding album! I had hoped for so much with this album, but sadly the follow up Wasp Star would see their final exhausted lap in their marathon. Colin, it seems doesn't make any music any longer - I feel worse for it personally.

  2. I was disappointed by Wasp Star although amore "traditional"XTC lp. I just think they peaked with Apple Venus


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