Monday, 3 May 2010

Monday Moments - Echo and the Bunnymen

Pop music is a bit like boxing, in that comebacks often feel like a hopeless search for former glories and mostly end in tears.

However for this week's monday moment I'm turning to a comeback that was simply glorious. Who would have thought after the misfires of a stuttering solo career , electrofixtion and a Macless bunnymen, they would reconvene and produce something as good as this.

This was a comeback not full of the confidence, swagger and arrogance of old, instead a world weariness of a fighter getting into the ring one more time. Whilst around them britpop groups were striving for longevity, this felt like a been there, seen that , done that and it's not that good.

My monday moment comes at the end with the repeated

"All the shadows and the pain are coming to you" in a tired, wise voice that knows it to be true

Nothing Lasts Forever - Echo and the Bunnymen


  1. Great track from one of the best live bands of them all. If you are going to make a comeback this is how to do it in style. Saw them recently at The Barras and they were better than ever - roll on December.

  2. Cheers Scott - one of the best live and definitely one of the loudest I've seen

  3. my favourite musical moment ever john peel plays out glastonbury with this track over a montage of sights from the festival i would love just to see that footage one more time

    son of the rock thanx so much

  4. cheers for the comment - that is a great favourite moment


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