Monday, 10 May 2010

Monday Moments - Gobetweens

I could have gone for dozens of moments, but I've chosen a lesser known early track written by Grant McLennan. As with Cattle and Cane this is about the death of his father and captures a mood of regret and sadness perfectly. The sparse arrangement gives the words even more power and impact.

My monday moments comes as the singer (as a child?) let's frustration take over only to calm down again with a sad confused "you let it go"

and you won't write

and you won't write

that's all I ask that you just write

and you say no

that you can't speak

you lost your voice

you let it go

you let it go

It also has one of my favourite lines in any song

The finger traces the lines of love

Dusty in Here - The Gobetweens


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