Monday, 7 June 2010

Monday Moments - Talk Talk

Talk Talk were one of those real caterpillar to butterfly bands. They started as an angst ridden new romantic group, one of many that followed in the slip stream of Duran Duran and ended up making experimental mood music to which the term songs could only provide the loosest definition. Actually I'm being a bit harsh as I like both ends of their spectrum

However, in between they made one stunning lp "The Colour of Spring" where they got the balance exactly right. I could have plumped for the drum sound on "Life's What you Make it", instead I've gone for the final track.

I do like a long song and this one is an 8+ minute one. My Monday moment comes at about 5 1/2 minutes when what can only be described as a mass recorder solo kicks off . It shouldn't but somehow it really works

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