Wednesday, 5 May 2010

my indie past - Jazz Butcher

In my student days I used to spend an awful lot of my overdraft (the heady days before student loans) on lps based purely on a review. One such review likened the Jazz Butcher's lp Fishcoteque to Lloyd Cole. I rushed out an bought it and although not much like Lloyd Cole, guitars jangled and there were some great clever lyrics. I played it to death and soon started trying to track down everything they had done. At the time I guess they were best known for one of their early singles "Southern Mark Smith". Over the next 10 years lps came and went and then i lost a bit of interest mainly because......

There a lot of bands I love and a lot I don't care for, however Jazz Butcher are the only band where both applies and also over the course of every lp they've made (and I've got most of them). Apart for Fishcotheque they are a real Jekyll and Hyde band. Each lp has it's fair share of wonderful guitar pop (not at all like Lloyd Cole), but then along comes some songs that for me are teeth gratingly bad. A lot of these are when the lyrics move from wry humour to comedy songs or the style moves from pastiche to some weird art project. I do know there are Jazz Butcher fans who love this stuff but it just leaves me scratching my head and reaching for the fast forward button. So I guess for me if ever a band was made for my mp3 player it is Jazz Butcher.

I've posted 4 tracks - 3 of my favourites and one that shows the other side ( but believe me this is one of the best of these type)

Next Move Sideways - from 1988s Fishcotheque and okay this is quite Lloyd Coley

"what do you do when potential is your favourite word"

Harlan - from 1991's Condition Blue 7 mins of groove based heaven

"well I've been bouncing off the walls because that's all I had to work with at the time"

When Eno Sings - from 1995's Illuminate complete with enoesque backing vocals

"I feel everything when eno sings"

"hummma hummma hummma"

I'll leave you to judge which is the comedy song!

Built around the talents of Pat Fish I won't try and go through their releases (complicated by endless compilations) however their website has all the details and you can find that here.

If you buy one lp then make it Fishcotheque but this does seem difficult to get hold of. Amazon seem to have a lot of the lps

Anyone else have a similar love hate relationship with other bands??

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